Monday, October 26, 2009

Guest Blog - an interview....

Dear Friendternets,

When i put out my call to arms, as it were, asking for you - the reader - to help me out in my tough time, i have to admit that i was most surprised and delighted when someone so very close to my heart, and near and dear to me offered to write a guest post. In fact, it would be fair to say, even, that i was flabbergasted. Never, in a million years would i have guessed that he would offer, but ladies and gentlemen... the one and only B-rad offered. i KNOW! can you BELIEVE IT!!

and not only that, but it's a Two Parter!

The most gorgeous and talented Saviabella is in on the game. She's come up with ten questions for my husband, and then he asked *her* ten questions...

So, without further ado: i give you

"Interview with a B-rad"

Savia: When did you know that Laura was the gal for you? How did you know you wanted to spend your life with her?

B-rad: Well, as Im sure all you M Diva followers are aware, it all started back in gr. 9. She walked into the classroom as the new girl, cute face, nervous smile, extra high jeans, and an amazing set of mammalian protruberances.

I knew she was my one and only when I realized that there was no woman comparable to her. Living without her would mean becoming a hopeless, deranged lunatic, moving from female to female in search of that certain something I knew I would never find in another.

Savia: Have you ever had any weird encounters with people who knew you from Laura's blog but you had never met in real life (like how I friended you on Facebook even though you had no idea who I was...)?

B-rad: Weird encounters?, Savia, have definitely been the weirdest encounter for sure. Try accepting a FB marriage request from some crazy blogger chick that is in lust with your actual existing wife. In the end it all turned out for the best, cuz you're hot, and I dig ya ;)

Also, Im sure you read the post about meeting, uhh...Marshmallow something (you can link to that post please) at our neighbours. That was a lil' odd. She knows some of our secrets and stuff. Kinda felt embarassed a little

Savia: What do you think of the whole blog world and people knowing about your life? Are you a private person or do you let it all hang out (tee hee)?

B-rad: Blogging, in my opinion and preference, is an anonymity thing. You know, mostly writing about stuff you cant talk to friends or family about. All your secrets revealed, but not being judged by those close to you as a weird messed up fool. On the other side of the coin, thats also the con of blogging. Escape from reality. It can cause a bit of a problem with some people, just being an online personality, you know? Hope Im not offending some bloggers out there.

I am a fairly private person, so blogging is really not my thing. Also I am a really slow typer, as you know, so writing a blog post is a long process. Also, I am very careful and m-e-t-i-c-u-l-o-u-s about the words I choose, and that takes a long time as well.

In regards to letting it all hang out-You're gonna have to find out for yourself sometime.

Savia: What's it like being a new daddy-o? How has it changed your life? Does having more penises in the house give you a power advantage over Laura?

B-rad: New dadhood is pretty sweet. Never thought I would ever love another male of our species this much.

I now turn to a mess in movies where there is any kind of father-son issue or death. Life has also changed in many, many, many other ways too numerous to count. I guess the biggest is not being able to just pick up and leave for anywhere-movies, pub, etc...

The penis thing factors not. At least not yet. Home movie night will be interesting later on.

Savia: This probably doesn't even need to be a question, but I'm going to ask it anyway - Laura's pretty hot in bed, isn't she?

B-rad: In short, yes. And I know you're looking for details here, but you now know my policy on privacy. Besides, I dont want her readers to think Im a weird messed up fool. If you want a personal account of certain details, I could get ya pretty revved up.

Savia: I have it on good authority that you're a sexy awesome musician. What's your favourite music to play, listen to, see live?

B-rad: Shit, I could write a lot on this subject but I wont. Sorry.
Fave to play-original stuff mostly, Tool, Beatles...
listen to-Tool, Beatles...
See live-Tool, Beatles(I swear in another life I saw them at least once)

Savia: What do you want to be when you grow up?

B-rad: I always answer this question by saying "Something to do with music" but, maybe I just need to grow up and actually figure that out.

Savia: What do you love most about Laura?

B-rad: Trick question-so I'll answer it as truthfully and hilarious as I know how.

Boobies, jugs, tits, gazongas, etc...

Savia: How often am I in your spank bank?

B-rad: Well, there was that one time... and the time after that... and one or two times after that... good times, thank you very much.

Savia: Tell me something I don't know.

B-rad: Answering all these questions took the better part of an hour, thats why I dont have the time to blog. Bingo Bango! Also I just went back and edited for another five minutes. Like I said m-e-t-i-c-u-l-o-u-s.

B-Rad. Formerly known as Gtr Boi.

All done here? Wasn't he awesome? Why not give him some love in the comments
- and then go and see part two over at Savia's blog!!

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