Monday, April 13, 2009

Triathlon - Training day 5

So before i did the next bicycling training day, i had an EFT Session with my dad, who is an EFT Therapist. It's like Emotional Acupuncture for any kind of emotional trouble or problem. in my case, the terrible gripping fear that i was going to go head over handlebars onto the pavement.

it was quick, it took about 5 minutes and we did it on the living room couch after Easter supper... Basically i just wanted to feel confident, or just not scared, while riding my bike. But we went one step further and it was our intent that i would actually enjoy myself.

Today was the ultimate test.
Y'know what? i did OKAY! Yeah! Well, i rode 7.5 km and after the first lap i actually found myself pushing....faster.... and it was great. It was a hard ride, too... uphill both ways. Yeah, i know what you're going to say, but it really was uphill both ways. I mean, when your trail consists of several small hills, there's bound to be uphill both ways.

We did one lap and that was pretty much 5km, and we stopped for a breather and we were given the option of continuing on or heading home (as the 5 kms were done), then if anyone wanted to go for a half lap, they could. I almost didn't do it, but as we rode up to the cars i thought "I can probably do this now!" and i did.


Or and for those who have asked - the Triathlon is Sunday, May 10th...
and it's a 200m swim + 5 K Bike + 2 K run.

it's exhausting just typing that. lol.

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