Monday, September 29, 2008

A Free Zune for me = a Free Zune for you!

*This contest is now closed!*

i've been working on this post for a while, so i'm just going to jump right into it, or it will never get done! y'know?

So, back in May i was contacted by a company called Match Stick asking if i'd like to participate in a word of mouth campaign about the new MP3 player from Microsoft; ZUNE

of course, i jumped at the chance to check it out!*

* i should note here that Zunes are new to Canada as of this Summer, and that's why they wanted a Canadian to do a review on one

So, i received the news that i was being sent a Zune on July 3rd (for those of you who've been following along, i went into labour 8 weeks early and delivered my son on July 5th and spent the first two and a half weeks of his life going back and forth to the hospital) so when my nifty new Zune arrived i didn't really have the time to do the zune justice, and it stayed in the box while my life settled down. Anyway, now i have some time** - so here we go:

**thanks for those of you who've asked, my son is doing wonderfully - growing and eating and generally being an awesome baby!

When i received the zune in the mail i was pretty excited!
it came with an adapter and headphones.
fancy and prettyMicrosoft's answer to the iPod, it's sleek and sexy - with a full colour screen and pretty cool looking touch scrolling mechanism
the 8G Zune is so slim, much slimmer than my 60G Video iPod. It will hold Music, videos, pictures, plays FM radio, podcasts, is compatible with xBox 360 - has wireless connection to your computer, and you can send songs directly from Zune to Zune. Cool, no? Yeah.

A downside being the amount of packaging there is for the accessories, i mean - how big of a box do you need for earphones? but that's a small thing.

So, when i finally got my shit together to try it out - i learned that it is not compatible with Mac computers***. Gah. I thought maybe it would show up on my computer as a regular MP3 player, but no. it doesn't. Boo. I think, personally, that if Microsoft was trying to compete with iPod, they'd make it Mac compatible. i mean, i understand that they're made for PCs - but there are a lot of Mac users out there, that's a pretty big market they're missing out on. But, apparently they will be compatble with Macs... eventually

*** oh yeah, as someone in my comment section so lovingly mentioned, i actually DO have Windows for my Mac, and the Zune still doesn't work...why? because the setup software that you have to download from the Zune website is not Mac compatible, and while i'm on the subject, i'm not really into the whole Mac vs PC on this blog, in fact i rarely bring up the fact that i work on a Mac at all. In this case, i was merely stating the fact that i work on a Mac computer and the Zune is not compatible - and that's a shame. Cuz the zune looks really cool.

So, i went out to my mom and dad's for the afternoon to set up my Zune on their PC and signed onto the Zune Social network - which looked pretty cool. But once i signed in, it started automatically converting all the music on my mom's computer to the Zune format... and the computer wouldn't recognize my Zune. I went to look for help on the Zune site, and found myself in the Forums where more people had the same problem i was having, their PCs weren't recognizing their Zunes. i looked and looked - but everywhere i looked i found the same problem, but no solution!

Free time is something i don't have a lot of, and after spending over a half hour trying to figure it out, i just gave up. Maybe the fault was mine, or maybe my mom's computer wasn't good enough, but i couldn't muck around with it anymore. i had a baby to feed and take care of.

Long story short - it looks pretty sweet, but as my computer is an Apple, i'll be giving mine away.

but wait!! THERE'S MORE!!!!

For participating in this program, they gave me a SECOND ZUNE TO GIVE AWAY!! and i want YOU to have it.

So, i'm having a contest. To enter, leave a comment telling me how awesome i am... and for a second entry, link to this post on your blog telling people about this contest and leave the URL in the comments section! The contest will close this Friday at Midnight (CST)
the winner will be drawn randomly from the entries some time next week.

If you don't have a blog, make sure you leave a valid email address where i can get a hold of you if you win. And also, if you don't have a blogging username, leave your name in the comment as well. thanks.

Good Luck!
Oh, and if you want to, just click on this button here - it will take you to the Chatthreads site where you can tell them how you heard about the Zune, and they will donate money to charity! you might as well, its only a few minutes of your time for money for charity!! DO IT! ;)

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